Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bike to Work Day?

Bike to Work Day is a free, fun annual event focused on encouraging people to try out commuting by bike. The event typically takes place in-person the fourth Wednesday of every June. Bike to Work Day typically attracts tens of thousands of participants whose commitment helps communicate the desire and need for expanded and improved bike infrastructure in the Denver region.

Who organizes Bike to Work Day?

Each year, the Denver Regional of Council of Governments’ Way to Go program organizes the Bike to Work Day event with help from member governments and organizational partners in the metro region. However, Bike to Work Day represents a grassroots effort by people in the region who care about educating residents and businesses on the benefits of using two wheels to get to work.

Why should I bike to work?

  • It’s fun (!)
  • It helps you improve your health and stay fit.
  • It’s a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • It saves you money.
  • It reduces road congestion and keeps you out of frustrating traffic.
  • It lets you kick off your workday feeling energized, de-stressed and refreshed.

Need more reasons to get started? Check out this complete list.

Why should I register?

Registering for Bike to Work Day helps us show the impact of taking 30,000 or more cars off the road in a day by highlighting residents' desire to commute by bike, which supports the efforts to improve biking infrastructure.)

I’m going to be busy or out of town on Bike to Work Day. Can I bike another day?

Absolutely! We understand the date won’t work for everyone’s schedules. While we’re sad you’ll miss out on the festivities, participants can bike any day.

Can I participate by walking to work or commuting some other way than driving alone?

The primary goal of Bike to Work Day is to promote bicycle commuting, even if it’s for one leg of the commute (e.g. bus to bike), but the Way to Go program offers lots of other opportunities for you to get involved in sustainable commuting.

What is the best route?

Here are some resources you can use to map out your ride: